Six Ways to Reuse Papers

I believe that most of us are familiar with papers as we use papers in our everyday lives, even if we are not fully aware of it. Papers are ubiquitous and can be present in any places that we are: papers exist in textbooks and exercise books that students use in schools, papers can be in the form of magazines and newspaper sold in news stand, papers can be in the form of calendars that one would find in their household, and paper can even be in the form of menus one would generally come across when we go to restaurants to order meals. 

Our lives revolve around papers, and in our world today paper is still important to our everyday lives despite the fact that the world today is shifting into a more digitized approach. More often, we would come across the scenario where we have finished using a piece of paper and after that the paper will be cast aside when no longer used. Today, we will be sharing with you a list of the many uses of papers that might give you a different aspect of how we view used papers.


1. Used Paper can be used for Printing

  • Yes, this might seem like an obvious solution, but it is surprising how many people don’t bother with printing on the back of scrap computer paper. 
  • Scrap paper can be used to print coupons, directions, meeting minutes, shopping lists, and other necessities. 
  • To make it easier, one can keep a tray of scrap paper next to the printer for easy access.


2. Used Paper can be used for Origami

  • Used wrapping paper, old greeting cards, and even colorful junk mail can be used to fold all sorts of cute origami, from jewelry boxes to paper cranes to cute little origami cat bookmarks. 
  • Chocolate bar tablets used to be wrapped in gold or silver paper that was perfect for origami, but this is not as common anymore.


3. Used Paper can be used to Light a Fire

  • Brown paper bags, packing paper and newspaper can be used to start fires, especially if you are going camping in the wilderness and do not have enough firewood to start a fire.
  • However, it is important to make sure that the paper you use to start fire is not printed with non-toxic inks.


4. Used Paper can be used for Cleaning Windows

  • There is no better way to clean stained windows like using old newspaper with vinegar. This will ensure you that your windows will be sparkly and clean.


5. Used Papers can be used as Packaging Material

  • If you are not able to find another creative use for your junk mail, just scrunch it up and use it to pack a box.  
  • Some thrift stores accept paper donations for wrapping up fragile objects when they are sold.


6. Used Papers can be used as Pet Cage Liner

  • For those who are pet owners and animal lovers, you can use old paper as lining or shredding for your pet’s cage.
  • Newspaper and junk mail is suitable to be used as lining for bird cages and even shredding for hamster bedding.
  • However it is important to make sure that the paper you use are printed with non-toxic ink, which is why brown paper bags and black-and-white newspaper are usually the better choices. 


To conclude, there are a lot of ways you can repurpose used paper, so we should avoid throwing away perfectly good paper into the trash and reduce the amount of paper that comes through our household by sorting out our junk mail and going paperless for bills. It is important to avoid wasting perfectly good paper as an effort to cut down the number of trees chopped down to make “virgin” paper products.